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Business Litigation

In business, disputes are inevitable. Whether it’s a breach of contract, a civil suit over commercial interests, or disagreements in real estate and construction projects, these conflicts can escalate, impacting your business’s bottom line. In such situations, a business-like approach is crucial. We specialize in providing clear, cost-benefit analyses, helping you make informed decisions about legal actions. Should you opt for litigation, we assure swift and decisive action to protect your interests, be it related to partnerships, property, or tax issues.

Our services extend across various Texas locales, offering tailored support to businesses in Brazoria County, Galveston County, Harris County, Fort Bend County, and the cities of Sugar Land and Richmond. We understand the unique challenges businesses face in these regions and are committed to offering personalized, effective legal solutions.

Minority Shareholder Litigation

In Texas, minority shareholder litigation often centers around shareholder oppression, with stringent laws compared to other states. Though Texas recognizes shareholder oppression, it doesn’t always offer a buyout right, making it essential for minority shareholders to be aware of their legal options.

Commonly asserted actions include:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud
  • Unjust enrichment

The state’s statute of limitations for these claims varies, with tort claims capped at 2 years and breach of contract and fiduciary duty claims at 4 years. However, exceptions like the “discovery rule” may extend this period.

Importantly, minority shareholders in Texas have informational rights. This includes access to corporate books and records, especially for those holding shares for over six months or owning at least five percent of a company’s shares.

In business, disputes are inevitable.
With Robert D. Clements, Jr. Law Group, LLLP, solutions are presented.

Construction Litigation

In the high-stakes world of construction, where risk and tight profit margins are the norm, we offer comprehensive legal solutions through negotiation, litigation, mediation, or arbitration. Our expertise covers a wide array of construction-related matters, including:

  • Bid disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Construction defect claims

We focus on contract drafting and negotiating to preempt disputes and manage contract coordination for construction projects. Our services are vital across Texas, including Brazoria, Galveston, Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery Counties, ensuring that our clients’ interests are safeguarded at every project phase.

Breach of Contract Litigation

In Texas, the validity of a contract is fundamental to a breach of contract litigation. As per Hallmark v. Hand (1994), a valid contract must have:

  1. An offer
  2. Acceptance in strict compliance with the offer’s terms
  3. A meeting of the minds
  4. Communication of consent to the terms
  5. Execution and delivery of the contract with mutual and binding intent

Texas law, specifically Chapter 38 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, allows recovery of reasonable attorney’s fees for the plaintiff in a breach of contract case, as well as damages that vary based on the specific losses incurred.

It’s crucial to note the four-year statute of limitations for breach of contract claims in Texas, as stated in Chapter 16 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, to ensure timely legal action.

Vendor Liability

Vendor liability is a critical aspect of business operations. This area of law addresses the responsibilities and legal obligations of vendors in various transactions and agreements.

In vendor liability cases, it is essential to examine the contractual agreements, terms of service, and any applicable laws that govern the vendor-client relationship. The liability can range from breach of contract to negligence and, in some cases, may involve complex issues like indemnification or warranty disputes.

Our approach to vendor liability cases is comprehensive, focusing on protecting our client’s interests while navigating the complexities of vendor agreements and legal obligations. Whether it’s negotiating better terms, resolving disputes, or representing our clients in litigation, we ensure that their rights and interests are safeguarded in every transaction.

If you are facing any business litigation challenges, contact us for expert legal guidance.

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